The D-Girl Project – Season 3 – Assignment 3

I think I’ll change things up, especially since you have more time for this assignment.

You’re going to read a book. It’s a fast read, and shouldn’t take longer than a few hours.

Optioning books are a great way to find material, and adapting them isn’t always easy.

This book has a number of things that interest me – mystery, humor, family relationships, an overarching mystery set up for the series, well rounded characters, and a location that is a character. It’s not boundary pushing, but it works and would make a good TV series if it was a bit edgier.

Your assignment is to read this book (order it from the library, on a free kindle app for 99 cents, etc) and write a logline, character bios for ALL main characters, and a short synopsis and email them to me as a .pdf with your name on the document and the homework title as the subject line.

Due Dates:

Character Bios – Due Nov 14th

Logline – Due Nov 21st

Short synopsis – Due Nov 28th

Be prepared for anything in our next meeting. I may change things up there as well!

Next meeting is December 2nd from 4:30-7:30pm at the Lovett School in the Black Box.

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