2016 – May 14th – Budgeting Your Indie Script


Price: $200 General Admission  |  $160 ATLFS/GPP Member Admission (or combo with Breakdown Your Indie Script for $400 General Admission, $325 ATLFS/GPP Member Admission)

Budgeting isn’t a formula. Each project is different, but some basics do apply. You start with a complete breakdown and a rough schedule. Without doing that work, you can’t properly estimate the cost of your production. How long will it take to prep, shoot, and wrap? How many days will you need the actors and extras? How many days do you need at each location? How many wardrobe changes per actor plus duplicates will you need? What about props and set dressing? All these budgeting questions and more will be covered in this class.

Again, no budgeting program is needed. A sample blank budget will be provided to discuss the line by line needs of a typical indie production. Using the day out of days and element reports generated from movie magic software example, this class will show you how to use information generated during breakdown and scheduling to help you craft the right budget for your project.

It is highly recommended you take Breakdown Your Indie Script together with this class.


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