D-Girl Project – 1st Assignment

Your first assignment is the easily accessible screenplay The Hangover.
Turn in your 3 log lines and one paragraph description on the deadline.
Subject line should read: Log line and one paragraph
Deadline - June 5th, 2013

Turn in your one page synopsis on the deadline.
Subject line should read: Synopsis
Deadline - June 12th, 2013

Turn in your two pages coverage on the deadline.
Subject line should read: Coverage
Deadline - June 19th, 2013

Please do not turn in materials early.
Turn them in on the day they are due with the appropriate subject lines.
Do not underestimate the amount of time it takes to write these well. Do not wait til the last minute to begin, begin today. If you are NOT on the producer/director/writers track, and wish to edit, storyboard/DP, or production or costume design, let me know and I'll send you your assignments separately.

This article on The Kinetic Logline may be of assistance as well.


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