D-Girl Project – 3rd Assignment

My fascination with commercially successful box office screenplays continues with Mr. and Mrs. Smith. This month's choice is once again slightly different than what made the final cut on film, but it's a action packed romantic comedy. A no brainer for marketing - and a movie that really launched the movies' two stars into infamy. But did the movie work only because of the casting and ensuing drama surrounding them? Or was the screenplay a great foundation which could have worked for any couple?

Making a few changes to our homework, but continuing to focus on the logline and synopsis. Hopefully, the reduction of one assignment to optional will allow those of you with busy schedules to continue to be involved.

Remember - your logline and synopsis work like a 1 - 2 punch. The logline reels your audience in, then the synopsis knocks them out.  It's a sales pitch.  Your first impression.  The thing that gets you in the door to pitch your idea or get someone to read that screenplay. It should be compelling, it should roll off the tongue, and it should be easily repeatable.

Turn in your 3 log lines and 1 one paragraph description on the deadline.
Subject line should read: Log lines and one paragraph
Deadline - Monday, Sept 9th

Turn in your one page synopsis on the deadline.
Subject line should read: Synopsis
Deadline - Monday, Sept 16th

Many of you have expressed that you don't feel like you're ready to properly discuss what works and doesn't work, structurally, cinematically, etc., so if you feel like taking a crack at it, do so, if not, that' OK for now.
Turn in your two page coverage on the deadline.
Subject line should read: Coverage
Deadline - Monday, Sept 23rd


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