D-Girl Project – 4th Assignment

Thought we'd step our game up a bit with an unpublished screenplay called Carnivore.

Notice the concise, yet dynamic way in which they write descriptions throughout the screenplay.

As a refresher and for those newly signed up, read this article.

You might find this article useful as well.

Remember - your logline and synopsis work like a 1 - 2 punch. The logline reels your audience in, then the synopsis knocks them out. It's a sales pitch. Your first impression. The thing that gets you in the door to pitch your idea or get someone to read that screenplay. It should be compelling, it should roll off the tongue, and it should be easily repeatable. Your synopsis should work in conjunction with the logline. Not repetitive, but complementary.

Turn in your 3 log lines and 1 one paragraph description on the deadline.
Subject line should read: Log lines and one paragraph
Deadline - Thursday Oct 10th

Turn in your one page synopsis on the deadline.
Subject line should read: Synopsis
Deadline - Thursday Oct 17th

Bonus Homework - Please write a casting description for as many of the main characters as you have time for.



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