D-Girl Project – 5th Assignment

Since many of you couldn't seem to sink your teeth into the last assignment, which seems crazy to me since it was so meaty, I chose this more tender screenplay. Chinatown.

Some call it the best screenplay ever written, most put it in their top 10, the rest all agree it's great writing. I'd make a change or two if the movie was getting made today, but still a great story. Enjoy!

3 loglines and 1 paragraph descriptions due:
October 31st

Start reading now - don't wait til the last minute! Your brain needs
time to stew!
Remember - compelling, ironic, dynamic, easily repeatable, a sales pitch!

For your second assignment, I want you to send me a pitch letter for Chinatown as if you wrote the screenplay. Use the examples I sent you last month as a guide.

Due November 7th.
Your 3rd assignment is due Nov. 14th.

Cast the main characters in this film as if you were the director.

Submit a list of the main cast members, the actors you would cast (local or movie star), and why you would cast them.

Pitch me on the package you're putting together as if I was the producer.

This pitch does not have to be long, but you must justify your choices - why they are the right actor for the role, how it would help marketing, and how they would help sell the film internationally.

Dn NOT send me headshots, but print out their imdb pages, as well as your loglines and synopsis, and pitch letters and bring them to the meeting.




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