D-Girl Project – 6th Assignment – Lookbooks

Here are some of the lookbooks turned in this month for your review.

The assignment was relatively loose in it's description to inspire different types of work. By reviewing them as a group this morning, then contrasting and critiquing them, we discussed the pros and cons, and offered suggestions to make them stronger in the future.
The Homework: Pretend you wrote The Apartment, but put on your director hat. Create a look book/old school tear sheet of sorts to convey the overall look and feel of this movie, set in its time period. How visually do you see this movie? What does the apartment look like, what are the major set pieces in the apartment, what does the local bar and its clientele look like, what does the int/ext of the insurance company look like, what does the wardrobe look like, what about the women's hair styles? And anything else that interests you and will help me see the visual nature of what you saw as you wrote the script. Pull photos from magazines, the internet, furniture and clothing reference books, etc. Perhaps leave your house and go to a library to start finding images that will be unique and different than what others may find on the internet. Or visit an antique store for inspiration and take your own photos. Walk around, look around, explore and visualize this movie in the streets. Put these images together on paper, organized in a way that looks visually pleasing. Flex some visually creative muscles this month, for as writers, directors and producers, your job is to set the tone, to paint a picture if you will for the studio that you may be pitching, and connecting to the visual nature of the writing should inform your own work outside the classroom. 

In addition to the following .pdfs, Karimah turned in a Pinterest submission, which is a great way to collect and organize images for your next project. We forgot to look at it during the meeting today, so be sure to check it out.

Feel free to share your thoughts as comments if you were in class today. All comments need to be approved (due to spamming bastards.)

Karimah's Pinterest

The Apartment Look Book_ChrisSailer

The Apartment Look Book_KellyLadd


The Apartment Look Book_MPeace

Amanda Nelis_The Apartment Look Book


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