D-Girl Project – 6th Assignment

Here's your next assignment. The Apartment.

Your first task (thanks for the suggestion Chris Sailor!):

For those of you with twitter accounts:
Write 3 loglines. Pick your best one.
Tweet that logline to @lindawashere with the hashtag #DGirlProject
Then email your short synopsis to me with the subject line: The Apartment: Short Synopsis

Everyone else:
Email 3 loglines and your short synopsis to me with the subject line: The Apartment: Loglines/Short Synopsis

Due date: November 30th.
Your second and final task this month:
Often directors are asked to put together a lookbook. These are usually video creations, but we'll keep it simple.

Pretend you wrote this script and put on your director hat, build something unique for The Apartment, and prove to me you should be the one hired to creatively overs e this movie.

Create a look book/old school tear sheet of sorts that will convey the overall lookand feel of this movie, set in its time period: How visually do you see this movie? What does the apartment look like, what are the major set pieces in the apartment, what does the local bar and its clientele look like, what does the insurance company look like ext and int, what does the wardrobe look like, what about the women's hair styles? And anything else that interests you and will help me see the visual nature of what you saw as you wrote the script - The Apartment.

Pull photos from magazines, the internet, furniture and clothing reference books, etc. Perhaps leave your house and go to a library to start finding images that will be unique and different than what others may find on the internet. Or visit an antique store for inspiration and take your own photos. Walk around, look around, explore and visualize this movie in the streets.

Put these images together on paper, organized in a way that looks visually pleasing, scan and save as a pdf and email to me with the subject line: The Apartment - lookbook. There is no right or wrong way to do this. I just want you as the "writer/director" to learn to visualize your work for the reader.

Due December 10th.

These are your only two homework assignments this month, because the second one should take some time. Start now. Don't wait til the last minute. Flex some visually creative muscles this month, for as writers, directors and producers, your job is to set the tone, to paint a picture if you will for the studio that you may be pitching, and connecting to the visual nature of the writing should inform your own work outside the classroom.


Next meeting is Saturday, December 14th at 9am.
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