D-Girl Project – Season 2 – Assignment #7 – next meeting

Episode 3 is up next.

Make sure that you have each recurring character on an index card.

For every episode of the show, you should have 2 cards per character.

1) What did the writers tell you about the character this week that you didn’t know last week.

2) What did the character learn about him or herself this week.

Loglines for every episode that would make you want to watch, yet still sum up the overall storylines without giving too much away.

Story beats. Consider this to be like an outline. What are the main story beats? Without these beats, the story could not be told. Remember, we are studying this show without scripts, so we are deconstructing the show in our homework each month.

What works and what doesn’t work in the story each week. What is the rising and falling action. What is the structure of the show?

More to come, but also wanted to let you know the next meeting in July 25th. 3-6pm. Location info to come.

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