D-Girl Project – 7th Assignment

I’ve gone back and forth on it for a week. I had a screenplay picked out, and as with most of the others, within 24 hours of my selection, it popped up on TV, which I always take as a good sign.

BUT one of my favorite movies of this year made the screenplay available, so I’m gonna go with Short Term 12.

Short Term 12 was an indie, unlike all our other choices. I loved this movie. Dialogue, story-telling, structure, and of course, the performances, especially Brie Larson, who just won a Gotham Award for her starring role.


First Assignment:

On January 5th, email 3 compelling, yet different loglines and a one paragraph synopsis to Submissions@PlexusPictures.com.

On January 5th, tweet 1 logline using the hashtag –  #DGirlProject

Second Assignment:

On January 15th, email a complete list of characters (those with speaking roles more than 1-2 lines) and 2-3 paragraph backstory on each character to Submissions@PlexusPictures.com. Do not tell me what the writer has shown me already, create a backstory that fits these traits, but informs each of these characters in more detail.

Third Assignment:

On January 22nd, email a 1-2 paragraph opinion piece on this screenplay. Did you enjoy it and why, did you not enjoy it and why? What would you have changed if anything?





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