D-Girl Project – Season 2 – Assignment #10

Episode 6 – the end of Call the Midwife: Season 1

Next class confirmed for this weekend – Oct 10th from 10a – 1p at the Ponce City Market Binders Art location.

Log line. Short synopsis. Structure work.

Same cast arcs – what did you learn and what did they learn about themselves.

I KNOW it will be temping to discuss the season long arc, but we just focus on Ep 6. Next meeting we dive into the season long arcs, interweaving stories, themes, structure, etc.


BRING MONEY FOR PARKING. They are now charging at least $6 for 3 hours, so probably plan on 3 or longer if you hang around and check out the place now that it’s open – pay in ADVANCE. Ticketing and towing brought to you by Park Atl. Do not use the parking app as it adds additional fees. If you plan on making a purchase at Binders, they will apply your parking fees toward the purchase.

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