D-Girl Project – Season 2 – Assignment #3

Here are your next two pilot scripts.



Before you start writing, I want you to analyze what it is about each pilot that could make them work. Create a list of reasons why you think each show could be successful, and be prepared to discuss this in class.

Based on your lists, prepare 3 loglines for each as if you’re selling the show to a network. Remember, you’re trying to SELL it to feed your kids. This is something that takes time, not a few hours one afternoon. Work on them, step away, come back to them, work on them some more. It’s not an assignment to get through, it’s a challenge to create something unique, and that takes time and contemplation.

Due: February 13th – 3 loglines per script. Subject line: Loglines Assignment #3. Submit them as a .pdf only. Not in the body of an email nor as a .doc.

Due: February 20th – tweet your best logline with #DGirlProject                                                 Over the next 8 days, look over and comment on each others tweeted loglines. Constructive criticism, questions, thoughts.

Next meeting is February 28th from 1:30-4:30pm. GSU classroom TBD as we get closer.

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