D-Girl Project – Season 2 – Assignment #5

As many of you know, I’ve chosen Call the Midwife (BBC series on PBS) as
our series, but unfortunately, even after a conversation with the writer,
I can’t get my hands on scripts.

I’ve toyed with moving to something else, but damn it, I love these female
characters, I love the period piece aspect, I love the social issues
disguised as story without judgement, I love the writing, and I just
fucking love this show. Sister Monica Joan is my jam.

So, we’ll discuss it at the next meeting, but for now, I’m not relenting.

Episodes or the entire season 1 can be purchased, found on youtube, other
places on the internet, etc. If you can’t finish the homework, but still
wish to attend, please do, but at least watch the episode.

Meeting is THIS SATURDAY. 3p – 6p.
Little 5 Points Community Center, in Little 5 Points
Alternate Roots Room

This classroom is not free after this meeting, so we may be in need of a
new home. GA State is not being cooperative, but I’m still working on


Buy a packet of 3×5 index cards. You will be using these through the next
6 months.

Using one index card per character, identify the protagonist and each
supporting character, and write a 1-2 sentence description of each.

Write a one paragraph description of this episode.

Be able to discuss the show’s plot and premise, the show’s setting, and
its tone and style. Be prepared for anything and know the show well.

See you Saturday.

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