D-Girl Project – Season 2 – Assignment #9

We’re on Ep.5, you’ll need 3 log lines, 1 tweetable logline #DGirlProject (everyone should give feedback), your character development cards, your one paragraph theme for this episode, and instead of story points, we’ll focus on structure chart below – give me a one sentence for each storyline on the exposition, rising action(s), climax, falling action(s), and resolution.





Our next class will be held Sept 19th from 3:30-6:30 at:

The Lovett School – Fuqua Center’s Blackbox

4075 Paces Ferry Rd NW

Atlanta, GA, 30327

The campus is best accessed from the front gate. Once on campus, drive down the hill and park as close as possible to the building directly at the bottom. Cross a small footbridge over the pond and enter the Fuqua Center through the glass doors. The workshop will be hend within the center’s Blackbox Theatre. Signage will be provided.


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