D-Girl Project – Season 2 Recap – Assignment #11

Season 1 – Call The Midwife – Six Episode Season Recap

With the lead up to the final assignment of Season 2 of D-Girl Project, a spec Episode 7 script – The Christmas Special, this assignment should lay the groundwork for it.

First – using your index cards for each character each episode this season, create a complete bio and backstory for each of the recurring characters based on what you’ve learned.

Second – Create a timeline, showing how each character was taken from one dimension to three dimensions as the season progressed. How did they layer the character development with each progressing episode.

Third – Chart the 12-15 story lines this season and how each related character development through ACTION. This should include the stakes involved – what did they sacrifice, what did they overcome, what did they face if anything that proceeded their growth.

Fourth – Write a 1-2 pager on the season recap. This should be theme based, not a simple synopsis – big picture thinking. This should show me your writing and critical thinking skills, as well as your ability to distill information.





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