D-Girl Project – Season 2 – Pitches – Assignment #12 – Season 1

Here are the pitches I have so far. Read them. Digest them. Contemplate them. Remember, I know you all want your ideas to be the one, but it’s about the BEST ideas in line with what the SHOW and CHARACTERS are about. Ask questions of one another if you need to. The FB page now only has those interested in season 3 on it, so you can discuss there or here…but I’ll need to approve comments here because of internet spam. I will probably be the one to pick them final show idea and theme, but I’m hoping you can all come to an agreement with what is best, because that’s what being in the writer’s room is all about. Tossing out ideas and picking the best ones. Working together no matter whose idea is on the table.

Kate Pitch

Kelly Pitch


Karimah Pitch

Carla Pitch

Haley Pitch

Aaron Pitch

Inëz Pitch


Here are photos of the logline work we did. I also think in the last two meetings, we’ve seen how quickly we as a group can work together to create tighter, stronger loglines.

IMG_1 IMG_2 IMG_1447 IMG_1448 IMG_1452



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