D-Girl Project – Season 2 – Spec Pitch – Assignment #12

Next meeting is December 5th at Lovett School from 3-6pm.

1) Create a one page backstory for each of our main characters. This should represent what you’ve been shown so far, along with filling in the many blanks we’ve been left wondering about.

You can binge watch the show for more info, or not. I really don’t care, as long as you keep to the integrity of their characters ON THE SHOW. Jenny can’t suddenly be an axe murderer, but you should be able to describe how you envision she grew up, the education she had, her home life, etc. Give me YOUR imaginary backstory for them.

These backstories will hopefully inform and inspire your story ideas.

PDF due Nov 28th so that we may post these here for you to read in advance. Your name should be on the pdf including all the backstories in one document.

2) Using a theme of your choice, which also must fit the integrity of the show, craft the two or more basic storylines you wish to tell in addition to which characters will have the main interactions with the story. This will be the basis of your pitch to the class. You should be able to pitch the basic story ideas, how they intertwine, the characters involved and why you chose them, and why you should show run the spec episode. The pitch should be no longer than 3 minutes. And you should  practice it before you show up. Be prepared to answer questions and justify your choices.

3) Craft a logline for your pitch. Because this is an ‘in the room’ pitch, it doesn’t need to be short, or vague, but it should still adhere to the 1-2 sentence rule – 20-35 words tops. If your logline doesn’t intrigue, you will sit and create a new one until it’s good enough for the group to vote that you can move onto the pitch! (I KNOW, I’m SUCH a BITCH!) Remember, you’re pitching the head writer to write the Christmas episode, so your job is to excite and intrigue.


If you missed the last class without explanation, you will not be allowed to pitch or participate in writing the spec episode. I’ve taken into account the quality of everyone’s work done over this season from the writing and to your classroom participation, your ability to communicate with me about your availability, and your ability to meet a deadline to decide on who stays and who goes. It was a tough decision, but I had to make cuts to ensure that Season 3 runs smoothly.

Everyone who attended the last meeting is in. Inez is in. Kelly is in. Everyone else is out. I’m sorry we don’t have room for everyone interested.

Thanks to all who participated in Season 1 and Season 2 thus far. Your contributions to the group are greatly appreciated and I hope you feel your time was well spent.

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