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A D-Girl (development girl), holds an entry level or junior executive position at a film production company, and is responsible for finding and identifying potential movie ideas for development into screenplays, as well as writing coverage. This position is held by both men and women.D-GirlPRoject

Every month, this group workshops a script that I provide, that has been produced, and is considered one of the best in terms of the writing – story, characters, structure, and format.

Students have 2 weeks to read the screenplay, then submit 3 loglines and a one paragraph synopsis. A week later they submit a one page synopsis. A week later, 2 pages of coverage. Sometimes I shake things up and have them write pitch letters, cast the films as if they were the director, or write casting notices among other things.

We then meet for 3 hours to pitch and workshop the loglines, and we often have a lecture on a relevant topic. It’s different from month to month.

This homework serves to inform your own work, which we do not use in the class. Through osmosis, as writers, producers, DPs, storyboard artists, and directors, members are learning how to recognize good writing, strong character development, cohesive storytelling and proper structure, so that they can apply these traits to their own work or the work of their teams on other projects. It also services as a forum for practice, a safe place for experimentation and honing writing and pitching skills.

Over time, I would like to see this group grow to include more of the crafts than writing, directing, and producing, and anyone in another discipline is welcome to join the group.

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