History of the Apalachicola Oyster

Growing up in Michigan, I was never a fan of oysters. They were very large, very slimy, flavorless, and came in cans.

But over the last 20 years, spending time along the coast of North Florida with JD Taylor, who grew up from Cape San Blas to Shell Point to Tallahassee, I’ve become fascinated by them.

I’m extremely interested in the history of the oyster in this area, and am looking for old Florida harvesters and processors, especially those generational families, that experienced the good old days first hand – the days when oysters where the prominent way of life and every sleepy town along the coast relied on the economy the oysters created.

We can’t afford to lose that history or those stories, as they are washed away with time. Contact LBurns@PlexusPictures.com if you have a story to tell.

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